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FarmTek is a online provider of agricultural supplies.  They were founded in 1979.  FarmTek has a call center and their headquarters, in South Windsor, Connecticut, and their manufacturing and distributions are located centrally in Dyersville, Iowa.  They also have a retail outlet in Dyersville.

FarmTek offers a massive variety of products, mostly for the agricultural industry but also for those looking for backyard greenhouses, pond supplies, or just wishing to keep a few chickens as pets.

Some of the products offered include:

They have a "Steals and Deals" section as well as a "Monthly Special" section and regular closeout deals. They offer a hard copy catalog as well.

The website is concise and easy to use, nothing fancy or distracting.  It does have a live chat feature so users can get online help.

Orders from Puerto Rico may be made through their website but Canadian and other international orders should be placed by phone. 

FarmTek: What makes it different?

FarmTek were selected by Inc. Magazine as one of the tp 500 fastest growing companies in the United States.  Let us look at what makes them so special.

  • FarmTek makes most of their own products and as such are able to fill special orders.
  • They are members of several trade companies including the National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association. 
  • Their product range is huge, they have over 30,000 products. 
  • Their Dryersville location offers seminars, demonstration greenhouses, and instructional courses.
  • FarmTek has a customer loyalty rewards program, if you spend over $5,000 in a year, you earn $100 or more to spend on any product you like.
  • FarmTek has an affilate program.

All in all FarmTek has a great reputation, great product line, are familiar with the agricultural industry and know what people want, and need. 

Many people will also want to remember that most of the products are made in America, so buy buying from FarmTek, Americans are supporting their own economy.

FarmTek vs. primary competitors (sites similar to FarmTek)

There are very few online companies that offer the selection that FarmTek does.  There are many that specialize in farm equipment, but do not offer the greenhouse supplies, and other things, that FarmTek offer.

Perhaps the closest competition are livestock feed and supply stores such as the Tractor Supply Company, Co-Op, and Peavy Mart.  As such we shall compare FarmTek specifically to actual retail stores such as these.

Pros of Retail Agricultural Supply Stores

Convenience - It is often much simpler and more convenient to drive to a local store, see the item you want, pick it out and go home, or to directly speak with the people involved, order what you need, and have it delivered.

Stores have other Items - The local Ag store might also sell a few groceries, machinery, feed, gas, saddlery, even live chicks, or other things the farmer needs at the time that are not carried by FarmTek.

Social Aspect - Farmers are sometimes isolated by rural life, the local livestock supply store often offers a chance to socialize, check out the bulletin boards and so forth.

Cons of Retail Agricultural Supply Stores

Less Selection - Although they may carry other items, they may not have especifically what a person is looking for because they are limited by space.

Price - Prices in many supply stores can be higher than at FarmTek

Not Always Convenient - Driving to a store takes time, ordering online can be more convenient for some larger items.

FarmTek: Pricing & packages

Prices of some sample products and FarmTek

1 gallon poultry waterer  - $6.92

EZ Haul All-Purpose Red Metal Wagon, 300 lb capacity - $135.00

Small Backyard Hobby Greenhouse - $1,049

Round Bale Covers, 5' x 5' - $35.95

Bird X Scare Eye - $10.19

Orange Safety and Snow Fence 4' x 100' - $45.95 - discounted when purchasing more than 10. 

I compared the prices of some of these items to those at my local Co-Op, which is a livestock supply chain in my area.  I found prices at FarmTek were lower on most items where they could be compared.  In most cases the price difference was 10%.  FarmTeck's closeout deal items were far below the regular prices that my local store would have, at least a 60% savings.  A few products were less expensive at my local store, however these may not have been up to the same quality, and were not made in the United States.

Payment options offered by FarmTek include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  They also have financing available when purchasing greenhouses, high tunnels, and fabric buildings.

FarmTek: Product images & screenshots
FarmTek Coupons
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FarmTek: Customer reviews & comments

Customer feedback and reviews were very good.  In fact this company has been recommended to me by many neighbors when they heard my husband was wanting to build large aviaries for pheasants.  Their catalog and website often features pictures sent in by satisfied customers showing their products in use.

One Review was from Susan Shoenian who was looking for a better way to house her sheep in the winter.  In her story: "Susan finds that her sheep are healthier in her FarmTek structure than they would be in a traditional wood or steel building. She explains, "I think the openness and ease of ventilation of the Storage Master helps to prevent any respiratory problems in the sheep."

Jai Kellum purchased a system to use as their greenhouse and shares:  "2009 is our first year of production, and we had plenty of field space to fill," says Jai, "so it was imperative that we had a couple of greenhouses where we could start our transplants." To aid in propagation and transplanting, the Kellums purchased two Solar Star Gothic Greenhouses measuring 34' x 96', and 34' x 48'. Since building the greenhouses, Jai says, "Our transplants have consistently outperformed our direct seeded crops. They have a leg up on weeds, insect pests, and if they're properly hardened off — which we also use one of the greenhouses for — they handle the weather just fine." The greenhouses also serve as a winter habitat for some of the farm's livestock, including ducks and llamas, when the temperature reaches as low as -40°

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