Zoysiafarms.com Website Review & Ratings + Zoysia Farms Coupons
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Zoysiafarms.com Website Review & Ratings + Zoysia Farms Coupons

Zoysia Farms is among the leading seller of top-quality gardening and lawn care products. Since 1953, Zoysia has been offering to thousands of clients all across the country the best in gardening equipment, planting tools, watering equipment and organic products. Despite its extensive product catalogue, Zoysia farms is famous for its Zoysia grass – a type of grass that is easy to grow and easy to maintain. 

Aside from Zoysia Plugs, here are the products that you can get at Zoysia Farms

Zoysia Farms: What makes it different?

Here are several excellent reasons why you should choose Zoysia grass over other types of grass being sold in the market.

  • Zoysia Farms is a trusted name in Zoysia plugs, with more than 50 years of providing thousands of satisfied lawn-owners world-wide.
  • Zoysia grass from Zoysia Farm requires no to very little watering so you can save money on your water bills
  • Because it grows laterally, it grows tall slowly which means you do not have to mow the lawn thrice a week which saves you money
  • You can plant Zoysia grass in your backyard even if you leave in the coldest or warmest region of the country
  • Crabgrass and weeds cannot compete with the germinating capability of Zoysia grass which means you do not have to worry about weed problems.
  • It’s `a very tough grass and can survive in the harshest condition. It automatically heals itself in the unlikely event that it gets damage.
  • Its durability means that you almost never have to replace a Zoysia grass ever.
Zoysia Farms vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Zoysia Farms)

Two of the leading competitors of Zoysia farm are www.zoysias.com. The other competitor is Lawn Plugs which you can visit at www.lawnplugs.com. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing Zoysia grass from these companies. If you visit these 2 site, you can see that www.zoysias.com and www.lawnplugs.com are owned by the same company, Seedland. The 2 urls are merely redirects to point you to the actual site which is www.seedland.com

Zoysia Farm vs Seedland

  • Seedland or, zoysias.com is a bit confusing to navigate. 
  • To purchase products at Zoysias.com and lawnplug.com, you will have to be redirected to Seedland.com
  • Although items are categorized, you have to scroll down at the middle of the page to see it
  • Seedland is a new company while Zoysia Farm had been in existence since 1953
  • It is easy to view information relevant to Zoysia planting and caring at Zoysia Farm compared at Seedland.
  • There is a plug calculator found at the upper right side of Zoysia Farm's website which makes it easier for its customers to calculate how much plugs they should order
Zoysia Farms: Pricing & packages

Here are the Pricing Details of Zoysia Plugs available at http://www1.zoysiafarms.com/ordernow.jsp?#ordnow

200 plugs            $ 17.90 + $ 5 Shipping fee                            FREE 100 plugs
400 plugs            $ 35.80 + $ 7.50 Shipping fee                        FREE 200 plugs + Step-on Plugger
500 plugs            $ 44.75 + $ 10.00 Shipping fee                      FREE 300 plugs + Step-on Plugger
600 plugs            $ 53.70 + $ 12.50 Shipping fee                      FREE 400 plugs + Step-on Plugger
900 plugs            $ 80.55 + $ 15.00 Shipping fee                      FREE 700 plugs + Amazoy Power Auger                          
1000 plugs           $ 89.50 + $ 17.50 Shipping fee                     FREE 900 plugs + Amazoy Power Auger 

Prices betwen Zoysia Farm and Seedland cannot really be compared since both the sellers cut their plugs in varying sizes. While it is difficult to determine the exact dimension of the plugs available ay Zoysia Farms, Seedland's Zoysia plugs are cut in 3 x 3 dimension. You can see that you get various Freebies shopping for plugs at Zoysia Farm.

Zoysia Farms: Product images & screenshots
Zoysia Farms Coupons
Get Order 1500 Plugs & Get 900 Free Plugs + Free Amazoy Power Auger + Free Step On Plugger + Free Shipping @ Zoysia Farms
Get Order 750+ Plugs & Receive Free Shipping @ Zoysia Farms
Zoysia Farms: Customer reviews & comments

There are some mixed feedbacks by former customers of Zoysia Farm that you can find in the internet. Some believe that Zoysia Farms are not good when it comes to delivering orders on time and with some issues on the quality of the products upon delivery. One particular review site, www.davesgardern.com has 44 positive feedbacks, 15 neutral feedbacks and 45 negative feedbacks. Because of this, it is strongly advised that you must take all consideration when purchasing a product at this site.

"I read a lot of the posts on this website before purchasing the zoysia plugs from Zoysia Farms and I am being honest here when I say that I have not had any problems with my plugs..." 

Plymouth Meeting, PA
August 31, 2011
from www.davesgardem.com

"My experience is negative so far with this company. I received my shipment of zoysia grass yesterday (April 28, 2011) only to find that there was barely a root system on two of the slabs and instead of "cutting" the plugs apart, the slab just fell apart and I am unable to use any from that slab....

"So far I am very disappointed..."

Reynoldsburg, OH
April 29, 2011
from www.davesgardem.com

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Thank you Kenneth for this interesting post. Hope to avail your friendship and support

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Get Order 1500 Plugs & Get 900 Free Plugs + Free Amazoy Power Auger + Free Step On Plugger + Free Shipping @ Zoysia Farms
Get Order 750+ Plugs & Receive Free Shipping @ Zoysia Farms